Bill Richardson Quotes on Medical Marijuana

Quotes by Gov. Bill Richardson on the topic of medical marijuana:

"So what if it's risky? It's the right thing to do. What we're talking about is 160 people in deep pain. It only affects them." (March 15, 2007, when asked if he felt signing the bill to legalize medical marijuana in New Mexico would hurt his Presidential chances)
"I don't see it as being a big issue. This is for medicinal purposes, for ... people that are suffering. My God, let's be reasonable." (March 15, 2007, when asked if he felt signing the bill to legalize medical marijuana in New Mexico would hurt his Presidential chances)
"We must protect the seriously ill; we certainly must protect these people." (May 7, 2007, meet-and-greet in Hooksett, New Hampshire)
"Well, I don't support, for instance, decriminalizing marijuana, but for individuals like you — you know, I had a bunch of people in New Mexico that had cancer, that were suffering, and they said they wanted a chance to get relief, to ease their pain. And I said if we can have a program, a plan, supervised by our department of health that is very strict, that has safeguards, I'll support this, even if it isn't popular. We don't do enough cancer research in this country. We don't do enough Alzheimer's research. We should be doing more about stem cell research and a lot of kids that have autism right now, it's proliferating. Our veterans' PTSD. So you know, if there is a relief, a small way I can help, and do it properly like medical marijuana, I will do it. I am not going to legalize marijuana and hard drugs and cocaine. But, if this is properly supervised, I will do that and I hope your pain is eased and I've made, at least in New Mexico, the lives of those that want to have a little relief." (July 16, 2007, campaign event in New Hampshire)
"Look, I am not for decriminalizing marijuana, but ... there are people that are dying that just want their pain eased, and so they came to me in New Mexico, 199 human beings that said, look we just want it for medicinal reasons, to be able to use medical marijuana to ease our pain. And I said, okay, let's find a way that there’s proper Department of Health safeguards that, you know, we don’t have running rampant a bunch of gardens with you-know-what. Let's do it right. And it's working, it’s working. And it doesn’t mean you decriminalize, although I will tell you the war on drugs is not working. It’s just not working. Lets have more treatment, more education; you know, lets have a program in our prisons where you give these men and women some kind of job skill or treatment, so they don’t come back. So many things we’re not doing." (July 27, 2007, meet-and-greet in Concord, New Hampshire)
"Mr. President, you still have an opportunity to leave a legacy of compassion by adding an exemption in federal law for states that enact medical marijuana and be an ally instead of an adversary in assisting critically ill people. Respected physicians and government officials should not fear going to jail for acting compassionately and caring for our most vulnerable citizens. Nor should those most vulnerable of citizens fear their government because they take the medicine they need." (August 17, 2007, letter to President Bush)
"You know, the Bush people instead of going after drug dealers are going against people that are dying. I mean that's the ludicrousy of our approach to many issues." (Sept. 2, 2007, house party in Plymouth, New Hampshire)
"I'm going to fight the Bush people. I'm not going to let them - this is a matter of state sovereignty. If my legislature and the governor pass a law, for medicinal reasons and with full protections, we'll see you in the courts. And I said to the Bush people, don't arrest a poor $60,000-a-year researcher. Arrest me, come after me, because I pushed for this law. Anyway, that's not getting me many votes either." (Sept. 2, 2007, house party in Plymouth, New Hampshire)

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i think marijuana should be legal not for smoking it but for good uses like medicine, or making paper out of it and saving trees, and its just as dangerous as alchohol!! I did my research and i am for it i want to help people and the enviroment!! i am not representing the people who want to smoke but for those who really need it in order to survive! who knows it can even be the cure for cancer but how will we find out if its illegal! and the one that needs it more is the world.


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