Dennis Kucinich Quotes on Medical Marijuana

Some quotes from Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich on the subject of medical marijuana:

"Let us reflect again on how cynical and how dark it is to even contemplate sending someone to prison for a year, when they may not even have that much time left in their life; but since 1996, eight states have enacted laws to allow very ill patients to use medical marijuana in spite of federal law. The present administration has sought to override such state statutes, viewing the use of medicinal marijuana for purposes in the same light as heroin or cocaine." (said during a statement to Congress in which he argued that doctors in states that have legalized medical marijuana be allowed to treat patients without federal interference)
"This is about compassion. The federal government should use its power to help terminally ill citizens, not arrest them. And states deserve to have the right to make their own decisions regarding the use of medical marijuana. (said during a statement to Congress in which he argued that doctors in states that have legalized medical marijuana be allowed to treat patients without federal interference)
"Well, four years go when there were raids in California, I as a member of the Congress objected to that. And, of course, it's a matter between doctors and patients, and if doctors want to prescribe medical marijuana to relieve pain, compassion requires that the government support that. And so as president of the United States, I would make sure that our Justice Department was mindful that we should be taking a compassionate approach ... this whole issue of drugs in our society is misplaced. Drugs have infected the society, but I think we need to look at it more as a medical and a health issue than as a criminal justice issue." (Aug. 9, 2007, Democratic forum on Logo network, after being asked by singer Melissa Etheridge id he would end federal raids on medical marijuana patients)
"Compassion requires that doctors be able to prescribe whatever they need to make sure that patients get relief from pain." (August 15, 2007, meet-and-greet in Manchester, New Hampshire)
"The practice of medicine has got to be compassionate. It has to reflect an understanding of what people go through. Now the compassionate approach is if somebody needed whatever kind of drug to relieve their pain, what's the difference? Why do we have a society that intervenes between a patient and a doctor? So to me, this isn't even a close question and that is how insane our drug laws are. To me, medical marijuana shouldn't even be an issue. Under a Kucinich administration, the U.S. Justice Department is going to be very involved, but they are not going to be involved in hunting down people using medical marijuana. Hello! I'm going to be looking maybe a little bit above the street level — 10 stories, 20 stories, 30 stories — you start at the top when you're looking for crime. That's what you do. So we are going to change the policies." (November 10, 2007, town hall meeting)
"Two main goals of a compassionate health care system are the treatment of disease and the alleviation of patient suffering. A growing body of evidence suggests that marijuana has vast potential in both of these areas. Therefore, the current policy of categorically rejecting marijuana as a legitimate medical treatment directly opposes these goals." (Kucinich campaign website)
"I support issuing an executive order allowing marijuana for medical purposes, effectively ending DEA raids on medical marijuana patients and their providers. Disease sufferers should not have to turn to dangerous black markets to obtain this beneficial drug. Instead, doctors should be free to prescribe marijuana and marijuana-based medicines to their patients as needed to treat illness and manage pain." (Kucinich campaign website)

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I'm not a big Kucinich fan but at least he makes some sense on this issue.


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