Flying Taser Saucer Coming to a Crowd Near You

One of the "biggest Taser representatives" outside the United States, Antoine di Zazzo, says his company, Taser France, is working on a flying Taser saucer that would be able to zap criminals and "rioting crowds" from the sky.

The unmanned drones are expected to launch next year and will be sold internationally by Taser International.

There isn't much more information on this in the English-language media but I did find some information in the French media about Taser France and something they have developed called the "Quadri-Ufo". I believe this is the same thing that Antoine di Zazzo is talking about.

Here is my translation of the information I found in French:

A little technological gem, capable of seeing details of 2cm as far as 3km away, the Quadri-Ufo, a drone made for civil use, could become an important tool in the surveillance of forest fires. There are already three prototypes of this 100% French machine, produced by SMP Technologies, and it should be officially unveiled in Marseille in a few months.

The idea is that of Antoine di Zazzo, general director of Taser Trance, the company that provides police and gendarmes with Tasers. This native of Vaucluse was tired of seeing the destruction done by forest fires in his region and came up with the idea of putting the most sophisticated technology to use in the battle against these fires. For four years he mobilized his network of researchers on the project. "The Quadri-Ufo is now operational," he said. "A product 100% French," he adds with pride.

But the Quadri-UFO isn't reserved just for monitoring of forest fires. Other possible applications of this formidable "spy machine" that haven't escaped the director of Taser France include "sensitive" operations. "It could call the GIPN (French SWAT) in the case of a hostage situation or when a desperate person becomes dangerous." And why not use it for surveillance of political protests? Capable of sending out a charge ranging from 500g to 8kg, the Quadri-Ufo could even deal with areas infested with insects.

Click here for the full article in French.

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