Hillary Clinton Unveils New Health Care Plan

Hillary Clinton has unveiled her new universal health care plan, called the American Health Choices Plan. The plan requires all Americans to be insured, but unlike the plan she proposed in 1993, it does not mandate what kind of insurance they have. Those who are happy with their current insurance can keep it, while others may choose a proposed government-run plan.

To help pay for the plan, Clinton would also eliminate the Bush tax cuts for those making over $250,000 and limit the amount employers can exclude from taxes for health care benefits paid for those making over $250,000.

Under the plan, insurance companies would be required to insure anyone who applies and would not be able to to raise rates for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Speaking about her decision to let people keep their current health insurance she said, “I learned that people who are satisfied with their current coverage want assurances that they can keep it ... Part of our health care system is the best in the world, and we should build on it; part of the system is broken, and we should fix it."

Republican candidates are critical of Clinton's new plan. Rudy Giuliani said: "If you liked Michael Moore's 'Sicko,' you're going to love HillaryCare 2.0. Senator Clinton's latest health scheme includes more government mandates, expensive federal subsidies and more big bureaucracy -- in short, a prescription for an increase in wait times, a decrease in patient care and tax hikes to pay for it all."

Mitt Romney said, "She fundamentally does not believe in markets and does not believe in states. If you've seen the reports this morning on the latest version of Hillarycare, you'll see that version 2.0 is not likely to have any more success than 1.0."

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Hillary-Care is a plan to have the few pay for the many. It is a simplistic approach to a very complicated problem. It has roots in her socialist leanings and does little to correct the core problem. It is designed to win votes for 2008. The biggest problem is that she believes it is the fedeal government's role to care for everyone by the redistribution of wealth. The focus should be on creating more affordable and available health insurance; not in funding the current over-priced, mediocre plans.

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