Ron Paul Quotes on Medical Marijuana

"That's something that the president can do. I could just say, 'state law overrides federal law,' instead of federal law coming down with a heavy hand. I think you can do a lot to end that war without congressional changes because we have the authority, especially if you're a state - states willing to take on some of these issues. So if a state wanted to start using that authority, they would be allowed." (June 5, 2007, in Manchester, New Hampshire, responding to whether he would end the federal raids on medical marijuana patients)
"I'd stop them. I wouldn't do them, because it's unconstitutional. Why should I go and send someone out to California to overrule a state law when we have no jurisdiction? Besides, it's a waste of a lot of money and energy. No, there should be no federal preemption on laws like that." (Aug. 19, 2007, event in Londonderry, New Hampshire, responding to a question about whether he would end federal raids on medical marijuana patients)
"Yeah, because they're so compassionate, 'compassionate conservatives.' I don't have any compassion, you know, I would like people who are dying with cancer and AIDS to have access to whatever they want and make their own choices, especially under a state law." (Aug. 19, 2007, event in Londonderry, New Hampshire, speaking about the fact that several of the other Republican candidates will continue the federal raids on medical marijuana patients)
"I would absolutely never use the federal government to enforce the law against anybody using medical marijuana. There are a couple of reasons for that. We talk about medical marijuana and, as a physician, it's controversial in conventional medicine. I happen to believe that it is probably very, very helpful, and I bet you there are a few testimonials for that. But even in the legislative sense - in the political sense - the federal government doesn't have this authority. I mean, if a state especially comes in and says you can use it, like some of these states have, then for the federal government to come in and say that we are going to override the state law, even if it's just a modest legalization, and override this law, that's an offense just on the issue of states' rights. But how can people do this? How can an individual talk to you like that, and still say, 'Well, I'm a compassionate conservative - I want you to suffer'? That's what they're saying. You know, it's outrageous." (Nov. 9, 2007, town hall meeting in Durham, New Hampshire)

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