Rudy Giuliani Quotes on Abortion

Quotes by Rudy Giuliani on abortion and partial birth abortion from 1989 to the present.

"There must be public funding for abortions for poor women. We cannot deny any woman the right to make her own decision about abortion because she lacks resources." - 1989 speech to the Women's Coalition

“I’m pro-choice." - Dec. 2, 1999, CNN, Inside Politics

"I would vote to preserve the option for women." - on the subject of the partial birth abortion ban, Feb. 6, 2000, Meet the Press

"Where I stand on abortion is, I oppose it. I don't like it. I hate it. I think abortion is something that, as a personal matter, I would advise somebody against. However, I believe in a woman's right to choose. I think you have to ultimately not put a woman in jail for that, and I think ultimately you have to leave that to a disagreement of conscience and you have to respect the choice that somebody makes." - February 6, 2007, Hannity & Colmes

"Partial-birth abortion, I think that's going to be upheld. I think that ban is going to be upheld. I think it should be. And I think, as long as there's provision for the life of the mother, then that's something that should be done ... if it doesn't have a provision for the life of the mother, then I wouldn't support the legislation. If it has provision for the life of the mother, then I would support it." - February 6, 2007, Hannity & Colmes

"I'm in the same position now that I was 12 years ago when I ran for mayor -- which is, personally opposed to abortion, don't like it, hate it, would advise that woman to have an adoption rather than abortion, hope to find the money for it. But it is your choice, an individual right. You get to make that choice, and I don't think society should be putting you in jail." - April 4, 2007, during CNN interview conducted by Dana Bash

"The Supreme Court reached the correct conclusion in upholding the congressional ban on partial birth abortion. I agree with it." - April 18, 2007, the day the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to uphold the 1993 law banning partial birth abortions

"Abortion is a very, very difficult issue of conscience for many, many people. In my case, I hate abortion. I would encourage someone to not take that option. When I was mayor of New York City, I encouraged adoptions. Adoptions went up 65%. Abortions went down 16%. I support the ban on partial-birth abortion. I support the Hyde amendment. But ultimately, I think when you come down to that choice, you have to respect a woman's right to make that choice differently than my conscience." - May 3, 2007, MSNBC GOP primary debate at Reagan library

"It would be OK to repeal. I think the court has to make that decision and then the country can deal with it. We're a federalist system of government and states can make their own decisions." - on the subject of Roe v. Wade, May 3, 2007, MSNBC GOP primary debate at Reagan library

"Personally, if you asked my advice, if a woman asked my advice about abortion, the advice that I would give is: Shouldn't have the abortion, better to have the child, I'll help you, I'll support you in that choice." - May 14, 2007, FoxNews Sunday

"I think adoption is a better option than abortion. I supported that position by helping adoptions increase in New York when I was the mayor by 66%. During the 8 years that I was the mayor, adoptions over the eight years before went up 130%. I have a very strong view about that. I have an equally strong view that in a society like ours, you have to respect the right of other people who are of equally good conscience." - May 14, 2007, FoxNews Sunday

"I'm very, very passionate about abortion and the whole issue of abortion. But it leads me to a conclusion, which is I oppose it. That's a principle I've held forever, and I'll hold it forever. That's not going to change. But I also believe that in a society like ours, where people have very different consciences about this, it's best for us to respect each other's differences and allow for choice. So with regard to Roe against Wade, since my view is that there shouldn't be a litmus test on Roe v. Wade, it seems to me the best position to take is I don't want a litmus test for judges." - May 14, 2007, FoxNews Sunday

"There are millions of Americans, who are as of good conscience as we are, who make a different choice about abortion. And I think in a country where you want to keep government out of people's lives from the point of view of coercion, you have to respect that." - May 15, 2007 Republican Debate in South Carolina

"I think we can all agree that we should seek reductions in abortion. I ultimately do believe in a woman's right of choice, but I think that there are ways in which we can reduce abortions. Abortions went down 16% & adoptions went up 133% when I was mayor. We can work together and achieve results that we all want." - May 15, 2007 Republican Debate in South Carolina

"I believe the best way we can have common ground in this debate that you're hearing is if we put our emphasis on reducing abortions and increasing the number of adoptions, which is something that I did as mayor of New York City. But I think ultimately that decision that has to be made is one that government shouldn't make. Ultimately, a woman should make that with her conscience and ultimately with her doctor." - Aug 5, 2007, GOP Iowa Straw Poll debate

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