Rudy Giuliani Quotes on Medical Marijuana

Some quotes by Rudy Giuliani on medical marijuana.

"I believe there are a lot of alternatives people have other than using marijuana." (June 6, 2007, town hall meeting in New Castle, New Hampshire)
"There are more than an array of medicines available. I believe the effort to try and make marijuana available for medical uses is really a way of just legalizing it, cause there is no reason for it. There are plenty of other alternatives that are presently available." (July 10, 2007, town hall meeting at New Hampshire Technical Institute)
"I'm very opposed to any form of legalizing marijuana; I think it is a mistake. I know a lot about this particular area for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is as a prosecutor for more of my life then anything else. You can accomplish everything that you want to accomplish with things other than marijuana, probably better." (July 10, 2007, town hall meeting at New Hampshire Technical Institute)
"There are pain medications much superior to marijuana. And, marijuana is a very dangerous substance. And, in an era in which we want — I have always found this really strange — in an era in which we're really worried about clean air, clean forests, and clean atmosphere, why people want to pollute their bodies with things that are really, really damaging, I don't get." (July 10, 2007, town hall meeting at New Hampshire Technical Institute)
"We'd be much better off telling people the truth; marijuana adds nothing to the array of legal medications and prescription medications that are available for pain relief. And marijuana is a very serious and addictive drug that particularly harms lots and lots of young people. And we should keep it illegal, and I will keep it illegal." (July 10, 2007, town hall meeting at New Hampshire Technical Institute)
"There are plenty of medications that deal with cancer suffering and pain that are available." (July 10, 2007, at a meet and greet in Hooksett, New Hampshire, after being asked what he thought about the 1999 Institute of Medicine's findings that medical marijuana is beneficial for cancer and AIDS patients)
"Of the experts I have ever talked to about this – my knowledge of this goes back about 8 to 10 years, I haven't really looked at it in that period of time, or during the time when I was U.S. attorney dealing with marijuana cases – is that, just about everything you want to do for pain can be done with other legal prescribed medications." (July 31, 2007, town hall meeting in Rochester, New Hampshire)
"There is nothing magical that marijuana is going to do for pain, that four or five other medications don't already do. And this is more or less an excuse to see if we can legalize marijuana." (July 31, 2007, town hall meeting in Rochester, New Hampshire)
"I haven't looked at [medical marijuana research] in about eight to ten years. So it's probably worth taking a look at it again." (July 31, 2007, town hall meeting in Rochester, New Hampshire)
"I checked with the FDA. The FDA says marijuana has no additive medical benefit of any kind, that the illegal trafficking of marijuana is so great that it makes much more sense to keep it illegal. I will keep it illegal." (August 17, 2007, town hall meeting in Merrimack, New Hampshire)
"I've never said that I'm going to raid anybody. The question I was asked was, would I be in favor of legalizing marijuana for the purpose of medical treatment. I've checked with the FDA, and the FDA are experts on this, not me, and the FDA takes the position that we shouldn't do that. That there are alternatives that are better than marijuana for purposes of pain. I'm not a doctor, my wife's a nurse, she would probably understand this better than I would. The FDA takes the position that anything that marijuana can accomplish, there are any number of pain and other medications that can accomplish the same thing. So I can only be guided by the FDA. I have visited cancer wards. I had cancer! And the reality is, I've had painful cancer. So I understand it from my own experience, not just other people's experience. And the reality is the FDA says that there are more than enough alternatives to marijuana, that it would be not advisable to make marijuana legal, and if the FDA took a different position, maybe I would then rethink it." (October 3, 2007, town hall meeting in Windham, New Hampshire)

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I can't believe the stupid things he says in these quotes! And I was going to vote for him. No way now!! It's great seeing all these quotes in one place. Just pat answers over and over.


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